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OK, I was going to change this page to be database driven and support comments, ratings, etc. As I was going through these registrars I realized I wouldn't trust most of them with a spork let alone my credit card. So here is the list from the ICANN site for the "Accredited" Registrars. Use at your own risk. My registrar database can be found here.

Registrar Name
! AlohaNIC LLC United States www.alohanic.com
#1 Domain Names International, Inc. dba 1dni.com United States www.1dni.com
@Com Technology LLC United States www.AtComTechnology.com
007Names, Inc. United States www.007names.com
1 eNameCo United States www.eNameCo.com
123 Easy Domain Names, Inc. dba Signature Domains United States www.signaturedomains.com
123 Registration, Inc. d/b/a 123registration.com United States www.123registration.com
1stDomain.Net, a division of G+D International LLC United States www.1stdomain.net
2Day Internet Limited dba 2day.com New Zealand registrar.2day.com
A Technology Company, Inc. dba namesystem.com Canada www.namesystem.com
AAAQ.COM, Inc. United States www.aaaq.com
Abacus America, Inc. d/b/a Names4ever United States www.names4ever.com
ABR Products Inc. dba Nitin Networks United States names.nitin.com
Abu-Ghazaleh Intellectual Property (AGIP) Jordan www.agip.com
Active ISP ASA Norway www.activeisp.com
Address Creation United States www.addresscreation.com
Adgrafix Corporation United States www.adgrafix.com
Alice's Registry, Inc. United States www.ar.com
All West Communications, Inc. DBA AWRegistry United States www.awregistry.com
Alldomains.com United States www.alldomains.com
AllGlobalNames, S.A. dba Cyberegistro.com Spain www.cyberegistro.com
America Online, Inc. United States www.aol.com
American Domain Name Registry United States  
Antelecom, Inc. United States www.antelecom.net
Arsys Internet, S.L. dba soloregistros.com Spain www.soloregistros.com
Ascio Technologies, Inc. Denmark www.ascio.com
BB Online UK Limited United Kingdom www.nominate.net
Blueberry Hill Communications, Inc. d/b/a 4Domains.com United States www.4domains.com
BookMyName SAS (formerly Worldnet) France www.bookmyname.com
British Telecommunications (BT plc) England www.bt.com
BulkRegister.com United States www.bulkregister.com
C I Host, Inc. United States www.cihost.com
Capital Networks Pty Ltd. Australia www.totalnic.net
CASDNS, Inc. United States www.CASDNS.net
Catalog.com United States www.catalog.com
Centergate Research Group, LLC United States www.centergate.com
Central Registrar dba Domainmonger.com United States www.domainmonger.com
Computer Data Networks dba Shop4domain.com and Netonedomains.com Kuwait www.shop4domain.com
CORE Internet Council of Registrars Switzerland www.corenic.org
Corporate Domains, Inc. United States www.corporatedomains.com
Cronon AG Berlin, Niederlassung Regensburg Germany www.cronon.org
CSL Computer Service Langenbach GmbH d/b/a joker.com Germany www.joker.com
Cydian Technologies United States www.Cydian.com
Deutsche Telekom AG Germany www.registrar.telekom.de
DevelopersNetwork.com., Inc. dba DomainInvestigator.com Canada www.DomainInvestigator.com
Direct Information Pvt Ltd d/b/a Directi.com India www.directidomains.com
Dodora Unified Communications, Inc. United States www.dodora.net
Domain Bank, Inc. United States www.domainbank.com
Domain Intellect Pty Ltd. Australia www.domainintellect.com
Domain Registration Services, Inc. dba dotEarth.com United States www.dotEarth.com
Domain The Net Technologies Ltd. Israel www.DomainTheNet.com
Domaininfo AB, aka domaininfo.com Sweden www.domaininfo.com
Domain-It!, Inc. dba Domain-It! United States www.domainit.com
DomainName, Inc. United States DomainName.com
DomainPeople, Inc. Canada www.domainpeople.com
DomainPro, Inc. United States www.domainpro.com
DomainProcessor.com, a division of Funpeas Media Ventures, LLC United States www.DomainProcessor.com
DomainRegistry.com Inc. United States www.DomainRegistry.com
DomainSite.com, Inc. United States www.domainsite.com
DomainZoo.com, Inc. United States www.domainzoo.com
DomReg Ltd. dba LIBRIS.com Russia www.libris.com
Dotster, Inc. United States www.dotster.com
Eastern Communications Company Limited China www.reg.eastcom.com
Easyspace Limited United Kingdom www.easyspace.com
Echo, Inc. Korea www.domainrg.com
eMarkmonitor Inc. dba Markmonitor United States www.markmonitor.com
EnCirca, Inc. United States www.encirca.biz
eNom, Inc. United States www.enom.com
EPAG Enter-Price Multimedia AG Germany www.epag.de
Equitron Inc. d/b/a DomainNameRegistration.com United States www.domainnameregistration.com
ExtremeNames.com United States www.extremenames.com
Future Media Network Japan www.fm-net.ne.jp
Gabia, Inc. Korea www.name7.com
Gal Communication (CommuniGal) Ltd. Israel www.galcomm.com
Gandi SARL France www.gandi.net
GKG.NET, INC. (Formerly GK Group L.L.C.) United States www.gkg.net
Global Media Online Inc. d/b/a Discount-Domain.com and Onamae.com Japan www.interq.or.jp
GlobalHosting, Inc. d/b/a SiteRegister United States www.siteregister.com
Globedom Datenkommunikations GmbH, d/b/a Globedom Austria www.globedom.com
Go Daddy Software, Inc. United States www.godaddy.com
HANGANG Systems, Inc. dba Doregi.com Korea www.doregi.com
HiChina Web Solutions Limited China www.net.cn
Hosting-Network, Inc. United States www.hosting-network.com
I.D.R Internet Domain Registry LTD. Israel www.idregister.org
iHoldings.com, Inc. d/b/a DotRegistrar.com United States www.DotRegistrar.com
IKANO Communications, Inc. United States www.ikano.com
INAMES Corp. Korea www.i-names.co.kr
InnerWise,Inc. d/b/a ItsYourDomain.com United States www.itsyourdomain.com
InterAccess Co. United States www.interaccess.com
Interactive Telecom Network, Inc. United States www.domaindomain.com
Intercosmos Media Group, Inc. United States www.directnic.com
Interdomain S.A. Spain www.interdomain.org
Internet Domain Registrars d/b/a Registrars.com Canada www.registrars.com
Internetplaza City Co.,Ltd Korea www.inplaza.net
Internetters Limited United Kingdom www.internetters.com
Key-Systems GmbH d/b/a domaindiscount24.com Germany www.domaindiscount24.com
Korea Information Certificate Authority, Inc. dba DomainCA.com Korea www.domainca.com
Marksonline, Inc. United States www.marksonline.com
Melbourne IT Ltd trading as Internet Names Worldwide Australia www.melbourneit.com
Mobilcom City Line d/b/a topnet AG Germany www.topnet.de
Mr. DomReg.com Inc. Canada www.mrdomreg.com
Namebay Monaco www.namebay.com
NameEngine, Inc. United States www.nameengine.com
NameScout Corp. Barbados www.namescout.com
Namesdirect.com, Inc. United States www.namesdirect.com
Namesecure.com, Inc. United States www.namesecure.com
Namezero.com, Inc. United States www.namezero.com
Net Searchers International Limited United Kingdom www.netsearchers.com
NetBenefit plc aka NetNames United Kingdom www.netnames.co.uk
Netblue Communications Co., Ltd. Korea www.domainshock.com
Neteka Inc. dba namesbeyond.com Canada www.namesbeyond.com
Netpia.com, Inc. Korea www.ibi.net
Network Solutions, Inc. Registrar United States www.networksolutions.com
New Dream Network, LLC dba Domainitron.com United States www.domainitron.com
Nominalia Internet S.L. Spain www.nominalia.com
Nordnet France www.nordnet.net
Omnis Network, LLC United States www.omnis.com
OnlineNIC, Inc. United States www.onlinenic.com
OVH France www.ovh.com
pair Networks, Inc.d/b/a pairNIC United States www.pair.com
Parava Networks, Inc. d/b/a RegistrateYa.com and nAAme.com United States www.parava.net
pAsia, Inc. Taiwan www.pasia.com
Philippine Registry.Com, Inc. Philippines www.Philippineregistry.com
Polar Software Limited d/b/a signdomains.com India www.signdomains.com
Primus Telecommunications Pty Ltd trading as PlanetDomain and PrimusDomain Australia www.planetdomain.com
PSI Japan Japan www.psi-domains.com
PSI-USA, Inc. United States www.psi-usa.com
R & K Global Business Services d/b/a/ 000Domains.com United States www.000domains.com
Register.com, Inc. United States www.register.com
REGISTER.IT SPA Italy we.register.it
RegistrarsAsia Pty Ltd Australia www.registrarsasia.com
Registration Technologies, Inc. United States www.RegistrationTek.com
Research Institute for Computer Science, Inc. Japan www.rics.co.jp
SafeNames Ltd. United Kingdom www.safenames.net
Schlund+Partner AG Germany www.schlund.de
Secura GmbH Germany www.domainregistry.de
Shaver Communications, Inc. United States www.web2010.com
SiteName Ltd. Israel www.sitename.com
Stargate Communications, Inc. United States www.stargateinc.com
Talk.com, Inc. United States www.talk.com
The NameIT Corporation d/b/a AITdomains.com United States www.aitdomains.com
The Registry at Info Avenue d/b/a IA Registry United States www.IARegistry.com
TierraNet Inc. DBA DomainDiscover United States www.domaindiscover.com
TLDs Inc. d/b/a SRSplus United States www.srsplus.com
Today and Tomorrow Co., Ltd. Korea www.ttpia.com
Total Web Solutions Limited trading as TotalRegistrations United Kingdom www.totalregistrations.com
Transpac France www.oleane.net
Triara.com S.A. de C.V. Mexico www.triara.com
Tucows Inc. Canada www.tucows.com
Tuonome.it.srl Italy www.tuonome.it
Universal Registration Services, Inc. dba NewDentity.com United States www.newdentity.com
USA Webhost United States www.usawebhost.com
Venture.com Inc. dba DomainCity.com Korea www.domaincity.com
Virtual Internet Plc. United Kingdom www.vi.net
Wild West Domains, Inc. United States www.wildwestdomains.com
Wooho T & C Ltd., d/b/a/ rgnames.com Korea www.rgnames.com
Xin Net Corp. China www.chinadns.com
Yesnic Co., Ltd. Korea www.yesnic.com


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