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Well if you have your corporate identity already you don't have too many options for your domain name. Some technology and internet companies secure their domain name first before they decide anything else. Some people out there are charging a fortune for domain names. So try an come up with something cool and do a WHOIS lookup. If its available you can go through the list of ICANN Registrars and my listing of registrars that I prefer.

I have dealt with at least 6 different registrar services and some are better than others. If you had any experiences with these registrars please post them here.

Here are your domain name purchase options.

Find your own unregistered domain.
This is harder than it seems. Most of the short, simple domain names are taken. Thousands are dropped every day so its possible to find some good ones that will match your business. Once you have selected a domain name you will need to register it.

I currently use Low Cost Domains , InexpensiveDomains.com, GoDaddy.com, Network Solutions and Dotster.com. Out of all these Inexpensive Domains has the most features for the least amount. GoDaddy charges for every feature so you better make sure you know exactly what you need and what you are getting. Follow these links to find out more about how to set up your web site and hosting.

Wait for the domain you want.
Since domain names expire every day you can look up your favorite domain names status and expiration date in the WHOIS database. If the expiration date is close you can wait and hope to buy it a few days after deletion. If your domain is a good name you may not get it if someone else has already used SnapNames. Snapnames is a service that, for a fee, will snap up that domain the second it is available. Here is a graphic so you can understand how the domain registration/deletion cycle works.

I use SnapNames and can recommend it to get the name you need. Even if you do not get the domain, your credit can be used to have them snap up another name. Other services have become available to get deleted domain lists each day or week so you can get that name yourself. Some of these services include Domain Duck, directNIC, and Unclaimed Domains - Where Ordinary People Get Extraordinary Domain Names.

Buy the domain.
A lot of people are prospecting on domain names. There are investment firms that buy up domains and sell them. If you really must have a domain name...buy it. If the domain seems to be unused, with a holder page, a search page, etc., you can email the owner and tell them you want the domain. Most will say "this domain is for sale". If the price is outrageous move on to your next option. Don't get too mad. I know local business men that have paid over $1000 per domain. Just so you know, engineering.org sold for over $190,000.

There are more and more sites out there where registered domains are auctioned off and sold. AfterNIC and eBay are a few auction sites. You can access and negotiate with 22 Million domains free at URLbuyers.com! You can also get a FREE Domain Valuation!

Steal the domain.
This can be done 2 ways, legally, and illegally. I will not get into the illegal ways of stealing a domain. However, in order to legally take a domain you can take them to court for copyright or trademark infringement. This way if your business is legally registered in your state as "MyCompany" and someone is making money using MyCompany.com you have (some) legal right to that property. You still have to take them to court and even if you win you will probably have to pay a fair price for the domain. So just buy the domain from the owner if he is not using it for his actual business.

If a court takes something you have legally bought and paid for...I think that's the legal way of stealing. Of course it gets shady when there several businesses registered as MyCompany in different states. Then who gets it? What about if the owner offered to sell it but the buyer/thief didn't feel like paying but would rather go to court?


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